DSA Courses

I offer several courses on the Digital Services Act.

  • Every year, usually in February and September, I run an executive education course at LSE: LSE Short Course on the Digital Services Act (16 hours). The course is a deep-dive into the workings of the DSA. The course takes place on Zoom as four four-hour sessions. The course is open to the public and usually brings together a mix of experts (12-15) from law firms, auditing firms, regulators, technology companies and civil society. You can indicate your interest here. Prices and conditions are descriped here.

  • I also offer DSA courses specifically tailored to organisations that have several employees whom they want to educate about the Digital Services Act. My previous clients include Digital Services Regulators (DSCs) and other competent authorities from Ireland and Slovakia, and European civil society organisations. If you are considering a DSA training in your organisation, just send me an email and we can discuss the options. The training can be on Zoom, or in person, depending on your needs and my availability at the moment.

Each course uses slides, case studies and extensive reading materials (mostly from my upcoming book) to examine the problems. I usually internally record the sessions, so you can re-watch them also later.