Data Retention held Unconstitutional in Czech republic

Great news coming from Brno today. Constitutional court of Czech republic ruled this morning that data retention provisions of Electronic Communication Act are in breach of right to privacy and informational self-determination and therefore invalidated respective provisions. There is no data retention regulation since today in Czech republic!

.. contested legislation violates constitutional limits, it does not meet the requirements arising from the rule of law and is in conflict with the requirements of the limitation of fundamental rights to privacy as the right to informational self-determination within the meaning of Article 10, paragraph 3 and Article 13 Charter, which derives from the principle of proportionality.

Short press release is here.
Entire judgment here.

Big thanks for this great achievement and all appreciation letters should be sent to Iuridicum Remedium which pushed this case forward. Thank you.

Now, let’s hope this help our efforts to invalidate this legislation in Slovakia.

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