Some (Small) Changes

Its already more than five years I am running this blog. Nice number, huh? With the advancing years, the blog developed itself to more and more imporant tool for my work – some sort of a ‘research corner’. Lots of my, before unknown, readers became my friends and lots of my friends later turned to my readers. In the upcomming three years, I willl try to continue in this trend. However with some minor changes.

  • Change of the name. The readers who actually visit the blog at its adress will encounter two cosmetical changes. First, I renamed the blog from Huťko’s IT & IP Legal Blog to more suitable Huťko’s Technology Law Blog. The reason behind this is that ‘Technology Law Blog’ better communicates what I was always fascinated about – the technology. It is not the protection as such that is of my endless interest, but rather the creative efforts as such and their legal support. Moreover, the intellectual property as an umbrela term is to some extend misleading. Second change is in the url of this blog. As everything was successfuly redirected, you can still use the previous blogspot address to reach me. But from now on, the blog is at the address: The previous ‘Acts & Commentaries’ section was moved to subdomain and it’s powered by more appropriate software than Blogger – wiki system Google Sites.
  • Change of my work. As you probably know, I spent the last year living in Berlin and working for the Free Software Foundation Europe. In a few days I am moving to Munich and will soon start as PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law.
  • Change of my email. I am slowly switching from previous gmail account to martin (-) husovec (-) eu, which is hosted in European Union and powered by free software RoundCube.
On the other hand, what won’t change is the content. I will keep on reporting and analyzing interesting bits of case-law and other issues that caught my eye. And who knows, maybe soon even my PhD topic gets some exposure here. In any case, stay tuned. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to write me at martin (-) husovec (-) eu. It is always great to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Some (Small) Changes

  1. eal

    "Moreover, the intellectual property as an umbrela term is to some extend misleading."
    finally : )
    good decision. cheers,

  2. Juraj Vivoda

    Wow Martin,
    congratulations on your PhD venture 🙂

    And, yes, I was anticipating the URL change.

    Best of luck!

  3. Huťko

    Thanks both of you guys!

  4. Francis Davey

    I've been enjoying the blog very much. You pay more careful attention to CJEU decisions about copyright than any other blogger that I have found, which is very useful for me as someone interested in copyright. It is also great to have a perspective from outside the UK.

    Good luck with the PhD.

  5. Huťko

    Thanks Francis, I am very happy for that.

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