The Court of Justice Speaks Out on the AdWords

Though there are plenty of duties i should be carrying out at the moment, i had to read the Luis Vuitton vs. Google C-236/08 decision from this morning. It conveys new thoughts on the trade mark but also on the e-commerce law. Therefore making it a landmark decision in the field. I wouldn´t express it better as my colleague Austrotrabant did, when stating that today is bit like a Christmas. And i really feel so 😉

PS: I just wanted to share my Christmas-like atmosphere from Košice. Please stay tuned. This will “sell” like a hot cakes..


Another keyword advertising decisions
BergSpechte C-278/08 C-91/09
Portakabin C-558/08

Still pending cases
Interflora C-323/09
L´Oréal and others C-324/09

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