DSA Newsletter

The DSA Newsletter #5

The last four months in the DSA news feel like two years. The DSA entered into full force in February, the Board already managed to meet three times, the Commission launched five additional investigations (AliExpress, Tiktok , Facebook and Instagram), filed countless requests for more information, designated new VLOP(s), issued Guidance on elections, consulted on

The DSA Newsletter #4

A lot has happened since July 2023. Here is your (ir)regular summary of the world of the DSA news. Biggest News The European Commission just designated three porn sites as additional VLOPs: Stripchat, Xvideos and Pornhub. This move is hardly surprising given that the porn industry’s numbers did not add up from the very start.

The DSA Newsletter #3

The newsletter is still alive! The long pause has to do with some technical problems on my end and the LSE grading season. A ton has happened since Newsletter #2. VLOP/VLOSE designations are out This is yesterday’s news, but still worth covering. On April 25, 2023, the European Commission published its list of 17 VLOPs,