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German Court: Wikipedia Must Act Upon Notice

Techdir few days ago reported that Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG Stuttgart) held that “Wikimedia is liable for contents of Wikipedia articles”. This very inflated headline of course caught attention of many, including mine. The outcome, however, does not seem to be so dramatic as the headline suggests (Mike Masnick rectifies possible misunderstanding in

Liability for Algorithm Design & Big Data (Google Auto-complete)

The sixth senate of the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) in March decided a case against Google (VI ZR 269/12) involving a question of its liability for Autocomplete Tool. The case was widely reported around various websites (IPKat, DW, BBC, etc.) as ‘Germany tells Google to tidy up auto-complete’. Few weeks ago, the decision full-text

Does Use of CCTVs to Protect Your Home From Offenders Fall Outside of EU Data Protection Laws?

This is how we could rephrase a new preliminary reference by the Czech Administrative Supreme Court.  Journalist and former publisher of local newspapers Mr. Ryneš had persisting problems with unknown offenders who attacked him six times and several times damaged his house. Czech Police never found out who they were. Mr. Ryneš thus decided to