New Year´s Resolution

I´ve started my blog two years ago. Encoutered some interest, but also dissinterest in IT&IP law since then. However i´ve learnt a lot. Not just by composing the posts, but also “absorbing” reactions in the online or the offline world. While blogging in Slovak is much easier (not just because of language), on the other hand it limits the reachable audience. Audience is crucial for any blogger. Because it means discussion and discussion leads to more knowledge. That´s the reason why i decided to switch to English at this point. It doesn´t mean that any future Slovak posts are over, i just feel a need to change up to another level. I´ll keep writing some posts in Slovak as well, but the substantial amount will be published in English (depends on the nature of the post). I made this announcement because of two reasons :
  • it´ll oblige me to do so 🙂 as it´s New Year´s resolution,
  • and i appreciate all my readers, so i want them know why 🙂
And as you can see i´ve also changed my design. It just make me feel brand-new and fresh (out of stereotype).

3 thoughts on “New Year´s Resolution

  1. Anonymous

    I am looking forward to many English posts… and don't worry, blogging in a language most professionals in your country don't really understand makes one feel a bit like a misunderstood genius 😉

    Kind regards,


  2. Anonymous

    finally. A+ for the new clean design.

  3. herr doktor

    nice job 🙂

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