Brief Summary of April / May / June and Beyonds

Huťko is back! Though he actually never left 🙂 As you may have already noticed, last few months were more “quiet” than usual. This is due to the endless final exams period that was “entertaining” Huťko and consuming his entire time. Nevertheless this period is over, Huťko finally entered lawyer-dom and you can look forward

Misleading Ad Copy Examples

Last week Huťko successfully finished his IP distance learning course in order to get to WIPO´s Summer School in Geneva. Inspired by course Huťko decided to share two really nice food examples that were included in the unfair competition module. Dear readers, would you consider following to be misleading according to your national laws? Example

My Thesis about the Copyright and Internet Search is Ready for the Thesis Defence

I have to say, i almost hated this piece before today´s final submitting. I guess it´s a usual experience of each author, isn´t it ? So, for all of you my folks interested in copyright limitations and exception from Czech and Slovak perspective (mostly), please refer to my thesis The legal aspects of search engines.

Next Week in Hannover

Huťko assumes that every IT&IP enthusiast is aware of the conference taking place in Hannover next week. Commons, Users, Service Providers – International Conference brings together astounding amount of IT&IP scholars. Thus making it incredibly inviting event. If any of Huťko´s readers plans to come, it would be a great pleasure for me to meet

New Year´s Resolution

I´ve started my blog two years ago. Encoutered some interest, but also dissinterest in IT&IP law since then. However i´ve learnt a lot. Not just by composing the posts, but also “absorbing” reactions in the online or the offline world. While blogging in Slovak is much easier (not just because of language), on the other