New Rules for ccTLD .sk are Being Discussed

Slovak top level domain name registry SK-NIC has launched small consultation on new general terms and conditions that are part of every domain name contract in the ccTLD .sk. (the current ones here). These provisions should be subject to discussion by respective Commission in a few forthcoming days. European Information Society Institute – EISI together with Tomáš Abelovský, one of the leading experts on the domain names in Slovakia, created a short proposal for this Commission. It could be downloaded here, but as it’s limited to Slovak language Huťko decided to provide you with at least short transcript of the key ideas involved.
The document propose to
  • establish alternative dispute resolution in ccTLD .sk
  • publish all the decisions related to .sk domain names
  • set-up a scheme for declaratory registration of any dispute, enforcement of the judgment of the court, etc.
  • enable the possibility to inherit the domain name for natural person (yes, this is impossible according to current rules)
  • embody the special provision of the right of first refusal for the domain names that have been registered relatively soon after it’s last expiration (e.g. 30 days)
  • enable registration of the domain names for longer period than one year
  • abolish the current absurd system of the “domain tasting”
  • accept also purely electronic means of registration (nowadays there is a need for written contract with the SK-NIC for every domain name holder – the signature have to be even with notary’s attestation! – registration of every domain name after concluding of this contract is of course written consent free)
  • abolish the territoriality principle in the domain name registrations (according to current rules only 18 years old citizen! of Slovakia can apply for ccTLD .sk or only legal person that is established in Slovakia)

Rámcový návrh na zmenu pravidiel EISI

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