Slovak Court System is Now More Open

On 1st of January 2012, Ministry of Justice of Slovak republic finally launched its main project – obligatory online publication of all court decisions. The project is now available online here and you can suggest any changes here. Court decisions were previously published within the JASPI system and on the website of the Supreme Court, nevertheless this was not really proper and lot of important procedural decisions were not published at all. Now, this publication is prescribed by the law.
Huťko is very happy about this not only because of endless research material that will be now online, but also because the strict anonymisation rules (critised also by IPKat here) seems to be eventually abandoned. Moreover, non-binding decisions, which are e.g. under appeal will be available upon the individual request based on Information Freedom Act. The system thus provides very good start for participation of civil society within the court system. Something European Information Society Institute is already building with its amicus curiae briefs in the field of intellectual property and information technology law.

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