The Blog About Spanish Case Law

Huťko has recieved very delighting email from prof. Dr. Miquel Peguera, PhD. this morning. Mr. Peguera has launched the english version of his information-rich blog focusing on Spanish case law on the ISP liability. Huťko is reading this blog on the regular basis using the Google Translate tool as his Spanish is unfortunately limited to

Limitations in the European Copyright Code

I´m sure everybody heard of European Copyright Code (ECC) being published last week. Exceptional European intellectual property scholars participated at this work. Hence the ECC is neat, precise and inspiring altogether. I would like to focus on the Limitations part of it in this post. More specifically on the Article 5.5 “Further Limitations”. Any other

My Thesis about the Copyright and Internet Search is Ready for the Thesis Defence

I have to say, i almost hated this piece before today´s final submitting. I guess it´s a usual experience of each author, isn´t it ? So, for all of you my folks interested in copyright limitations and exception from Czech and Slovak perspective (mostly), please refer to my thesis The legal aspects of search engines.

The Czech Supreme Court on Filesharing

I just returned from the Hannover, the mind empowering conference, and immediately bumped into this case. Case No. 5 Tdo 31/2010 (hereinafter as Ladies don´t watch pornography case ) is a criminal proceedings against an alleged Czech filesharer. The Czech Supreme Court reversed his conviction in this decision from 27 of January 2010.